Lord of the Rings

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Today's adventure
Who was J.R.R. Tolkien? 
What is Middle Earth? 
Who lives there? 
What is this ring all about....
Who do you want to be on our adventure? 

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J.R.R. Tolkien
John Ronald Ruel Tolkien (1892-1973)
Ancestors from Prussia (Germany)
Very much into languages from a young age
Studied Latin and Anglo Saxon
Enjoyed writing poetry
Fought in Word War I

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After the war he started writing stories about Middle Earth, a land he invented.
1936: published The Hobbit
Became a language professor in Oxford after World War 2
1954-1955 published Lord of the Rings

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Tolkien's languages
Sindarin, Quenya, Telerin -elve languages
Adunaic - the English for Middle Earth
Khuzdul - dwarf language
Black speech - bad people language
and about 8 more...

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Who's who exercise
You will get an overview of creatures of Middle Earth. 
See if you can match the name to the right photo!

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Your turn
Who would you want to be? 
An elf: athletic, moody, mysterious, capable of some magic, good with bow
A hobbit: outgoing, loves nature and good food, being with friends, cheery and a little naive, good with a sling
A wizard: powerful, grows very old, can be a bit grumpy, wise, good with magic staff
A Numenor man or woman: ancient, strong, very trustworthy, helpful, good with sword
A dwarf: strong, bullheaded, makes gorgeous objects, likes gold and beer, good with axes

Make your self portrait as one of these characters and invent your own Lord of the Rings name! Perhaps like Tolkien even invent your own alphabet style? 

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