Amino Acids

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What two functional groups are present in amino acid?

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Learning Objective
  • describe, by drawing, the acid / base properties of amino acids and the formation of zwitterions, to include the isoelectric point

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Amino acids 

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Amino acids as zwitterions
  • an internal transfer of a hydrogen ion from the -COOH group to the -NH2 group makes a zwitterion

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What charges are found in a zwitterion?
A and B

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Zwitterions are ions.
  • amino acids exist in even in the solid state
  • If you dissolve the amino acid in water, a simple solution also contains this ion.
  • a compound with no overall electrical charge, but which contains separate parts which are positively and negatively charged.

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What happens to the hydrogen ions if you increase the pH of a solution of an amino acid by adding hydroxide ions?
hydrogen ion is removed from -NH3+
hydrogen ion is added to the -NH3+ group

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Do this!
Show the equation for this reaction. 

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What does the -COO- part of the zwitterion do to the hydrogen ion if you decrease the pH by adding an acid to a solution of an amino acid?
The -COO- releases a hydrogen ion.
The -COO- picks up a hydrogen ion.

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Show the equation for this reaction. 

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