Ch6 - Section1 : Crossing borders

More information about the market
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More information about the market

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Polish people working in the Netherlands is an advantage for both Polish people and Dutch people

Slide 2 - Poll

Name an advantage for Polish people for working in the Netherlands

Slide 3 - Open vraag

Name an advantage for the Netherlands when Polish people are working here

Slide 4 - Open vraag

Name a disadvantage for Dutch people when Polish people are working here

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Export and import
Products/services from the 
Netherlands to other countries

Products/services from other
countries come to the Netherlands

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Advantages of export
  1. Employment and income in the Netherlands
  2. Export provides foreign currency, can use these for import 

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Advantages of import
Because of import, we can enjoy products we normally would not have in the Netherlands or which are too expensive to produce here

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Open economy
The value of all products products and services produced in a country in a year is called: gross domestic product (GDP)

The Netherlands is very dependent on trade with foreign countries, we have an open economy

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Export and import ratio
We can calculate how much of our GDP is coming from export of import, we use the export or import ratio

export ratio = value of export / GDP x 100%

import ratio = value of imports / GDP x 100%

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Bulgaria has 800 billion GDP. Export is 200 billion. Estonia has 500 billion GDP Export is 100 billion
Bulgaria has the most open economy
Estonia has the most open economy
Bulagaria 's economy is just as open as Estonia
King toto

Slide 11 - Quizvraag

The Netherlands has a GDP of 740 billion. The total imports are 380 billion. The total export is 460 billion. Calculate the import ratio AND the export ratio.

Slide 12 - Open vraag

European Union
There are a couple of arrangement:
  • Free movement of products and services
  • Free movement of labour and capital (think of: working in another country or saving money on a bank in Spain)

The countries from the EU form one large internal market

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Importduties and export subsidies

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European Union
The EU charges import duties to raise the price of cheap products from outside the EU
Protectionism: protection of the nation economy against foreign competitors
Subsidies make our products cheaper

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Exercises of section 1

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