Session 9

Element 7 - Child Development

Session 9 
T - Level in Education and Early Years 
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Element 7 - Child Development

Session 9 
T - Level in Education and Early Years 

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Learning objectives 
By the end of the session all learners will be able to: 

  • Engage in recap and recall through question and answer. 
  • Understand the concept of Nature Vs Nurture in reference to Noam Chomsky. 
  • Explore Noam Chomsky's Language Acquisition Device and how it explains the process of language development.

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Starter activity 
Word on word association. 
You will work in pairs for this activity. 
The aim of the game is ... 
1 person will say a word and you have 1 second to reply with another word.

For example: 
If I say Manpreet you say..... 
If I say Early Years you say....

We will play this game for about 5 - 10 minutes. Keep going with the words don't slow down or stop.
Be mindful of the words you are using.

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How can we use positive reinforcement by Skinner to support language development and why?

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Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky developed a theory called the language acquisition device in 1960. 
His theory referred to our brains  and abilities as a 'device' that develops when exposed to verbal and non verbal forms of language or stimulating environments.

Chomsky's theory states that all children are born with the ability to develop language but they need to be exposed to it, also known as 'innate'. Often a common misunderstanding is that the exposed language needs to be 'English'.

This is not the case and can be any language, such as German for example. The important concept of the theory is the exposure to a language.

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Noam Chomsky(1960)
Chomsky’s language acquisition device emphasised the importance of learning language within the ‘critical period (10 years).’

His theory explores how children need to be exposed to language to ensure the cortex located on the left side of the brain hears language and begins to develop neurological pathways (process of how we remember).

Chomsky was very clear in his theory stating everyone has an 'innate' (born with) ability to develop language but they most be exposed to it through communication and the environment around them. 

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Noam Chomsky was born on 7th December 1928 and he is still alive.
How old is he?

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How does this look visually?
Input of language starts as early as birth.
Prior to babies being born they can hear within the womb (from 16 week approx).

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On your table create a 2 slide powerpoint on google slides explaining the Genie Wiley Case. 

Consider the following points: 
  1.  What was Genie Wiley's story?
  2. Was Genie her real name?
  3. How did this case link to Noam Chomsky's theory LAD theory?
  4. Minimum of 2 references tp support your research

Supportive resources

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video Genie
What happened to Genie?
Genie Wiley speaking

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The meaning behind Chomsky's theory
As training Early Years Educators, every day we intend to help children develop key language skills and concepts through the application of different activities. 

Then intention behind our strategies of planning for each individual child it provide them a language rich environment to stimulate the formation language development in accordance to their age range. 

As a group can you mind map all the different ways you support language development both verbally and non verbally in placement?

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Nature vs Nurture debate 
When considering Chomsky's theory it is important to consider the Nature Vs Nurture debate. 

The nature versus nurture debate involves the extent to which particular aspects of behaviour are either inherited (for example: genetic) or acquired (for example: learnt).

Nature is what we think of as pre-wiring and is influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors.

Nurture is generally taken as the influence of external factors after conception (environment)

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Independent Research Task (15 mins)
In small groups create a revision resouce to help you remember:
1. Noam Chomsky's language Acquisition Device 
2. The concept of his theory 
3. How the theory can be applied to early years 
4. Consider the nature vs nurture debate. 

For this task consider using wider reading to support as this will be benefical skill for you. 

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1 key fact you have learnt today about Noam Chomsky?

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