Trede 24 Introduction

Today's plans...
  • explanation step 24
  •  reflection step 23
  • reflection step 22
  • wordbank 
  • homework/ next lesson 
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Today's plans...
  • explanation step 24
  •  reflection step 23
  • reflection step 22
  • wordbank 
  • homework/ next lesson 

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explanation step 24
  • werkpad trede 24
  • presentation step 24
  • wordbank test
  • irregular verbs test 

  • every week reading
  • reading test 

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Presentation step 24
  • presenting your book/ story
  • Describe the setting (questions or setting box) (week 14 inleveren 6-8 april)
  • pick a character  (write a character profile) (week 14 inleveren 6-8 april)
  • prepare a speech (to decide later how we will test this)  week 15/ 16 (13 -20 april) 

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  • wordbank test 
  • practise with wrts of other tools 
  • socrative test
  • Thursday April 1!! (no joke).                                     
  • irregular verbs test 
  • list to be found at presentation 
  • until 
  • socrative test 
  • Thursday April 1st!! (no joke)  

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Reading is 100% of the central exams.... 
It improves your vocabulary.
It improves your grammar and spelling skills. 
It improves your ENGLISH!!

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What did you think of the test?

Slide 6 - Poll

Did the lessons help you to prepare for the test?

Slide 7 - Poll

could you have done better? (be honest)

Slide 8 - Poll

Fill in the reflection of step 23. 
What did we do? 
Writing essays and application letters. 
Use the following questions and answer in English!!

What was your result of the test? 
Were you satisfied with the result? 
What could you do to improve your result? 
What is your goal for the next step? 

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Check if you have filled in the reflection of step 22. 

fill in by answering the following questions: 

What did you learn? 
What could you do better next step? 

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Check werkpad trede 24 
(something wrong, let us know) 

Fill in the reflection and make a screenshot and hand in in inlevermap: 
English reflection step 23/22

We will check that list every now and then and sign off your step as soon as you have done this!! 

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next lesson
Thursday: part of students at school. Rest online at home. 

werkpad trede 24: 
places, times and spaces

pick a book!

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