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Learning outcomes
  1. Identify the 3 different stages of a technique.
  2. Describe the 3 different stages of a technique.
  3. Choose a technique and breakdown the stages successfully. 

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Preparation phase
Execution phase
Follow Through Phase
The beginning of a skill or technique
The end of a skill or technique
The middle part of a skill or technique
The force is made to do the skill
This is the ready position 
This is slowing the movement down to recover

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What is the preparation phase in a Basketball Jump Shot?

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What happens in the Execution phase of a Jump Shot?

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The Follow-through phase is
where movement slows down after the ball is released
The force producing phase to shoot the ball
where the player gets ready to do shoot

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Choose a skill or technique in any of these sports
Spin pass in Rugby
Underhand Volleyball serve
Chest pass in Basketball

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