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Formal Letter Writing
Year 3
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Formal Letter Writing
Year 3

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Test Letters
  • Applying for a job/position
  • Filing a complaint 
  • Asking for information 
  • Sharing your opinion 
  • A combination 

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Lay out                                     
Everything starts on the left-hand side! Leave 1 line open after each bit

adres afzender:
Straat + huisnr. (niet je naam)
Postcode + plaats

Aart van der Leeuwkade 14
2272 KX Voorburg 
The Netherlands

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Write down your own address as if you're starting a formal letter.

Slide 5 - Open vraag

Name (organisation and/or person) 
Number + street 
Town + post code 

When you write to an organisation company, you write the name of the organisation first and then give the name of the contact person at that organisation.
John Bugs
4327 Hazel Road
London W11 4UT
Great Britain

The Rabbit Charity
John Bugs
4327 Hazel Road
London W11 4UT
Great Britain

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The date

12 March, 2021

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Write down today's date in the right way

Slide 8 - Open vraag

4 Salutation / Greeting
When you don't know name or gender: Dear Sir/Madam,
When you only know it's a man: Dear Sir,
When you only know it's a woman: Dear Madam,
When you know the name: 
Dear Ms Foster, (woman, relationship status unknown)
Dear Mrs Watson, (married woman)
Dear Mr Adams,

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What is the correct opening greeting if you DO NOT know who will read your letter?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

What is the correct opening greeting if you write to our principal, Mr Elsakkers?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

5 Content
  1. Paragraph 1 is the introduction (you explain who you are and why you are writing).
  2. The center part can be multiple paragraphs (1 to 3) (in this you ask for information or explain in more detail the goal of your letter).
  3. Conclusion: summarize and conclude with what you want to achieve. (What do you want the reader to do?)

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Let's play a quiz to see what you think works best.

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How do we start paragraph 1?
I'm ...
My name is ...

Slide 14 - Quizvraag

How do you say 'ik zit op het St Maartens'
I sit on St Maartenscollege
I am on St Maartenscollege
I am at St Maartenscollege
I go to St Maartenscollege

Slide 15 - Quizvraag

Which one is correct?
I am a fourteen-year-old boy/girl
I am a boy/girl and I am fourteen
I am a fourteen years old boy/girl
I am 14 and a boy/girl

Slide 16 - Quizvraag

Which one is correct
The reason I write you is...
The reason I am writing you is...
The reason i am writing you is
The reason i write you is...

Slide 17 - Quizvraag

Paragraph 1 - let's recap
Paragraph 1:
My name is …. , I am a fifteen-year-old boy/girl and I live in … in The Netherlands. I go to St Maartenscollege and I am in the third year. The reason I am writing you is….

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Every paragraph should be at least 3 lines long (when written by hand) and are divided by 1 open line

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5.1 Closing statement
You ALWAYS use this phrase and it stands on its own.  You leave 1 line open above and below

I hope to hear from you soon.

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6 Closing
Yours faithfully, / Yours sincerely,
first and last name 

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Mind the following
In a formal letter all words MUST be written in full
So do not use:  isn’t, it’s of won’t, but:
is not, it is en will not. Gonna and wanna  are a definite NO GO!

For names of magazines or newspapers, use quotation marks. The ‘Telegraaf’.

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Salutations & Closings: Option A
Condition: No specific name is known

Salutation: Dear Sir/Madam,

Closing: Yours faithfully,
First & Last Name

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Salutations & Closings: Option B
Condition: Name recipient is known

Salutation: Dear Mr Brown, / Dear Ms Brown, / Dear Mrs Brown,

Closing: Yours sincerely,
First and last name

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Dear Sir/Madam,
Your address
recipient's address

The date
Introduce yourself + reason of writing
Explanation of the situation
Closing sentence
Your name

Slide 25 - Sleepvraag

  1. Make it neat.
  2. Use signal words and the appropriate tenses, wherever necessary
  3. Use paragraphs ( and use blank lines to clearly separate them)
  4. Use a difficult grammar item every now and then (passive, relative clauses)
  5. At the end, check your work!

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  1.  DON'T forget about the lay-out
  2.  DON'T use abbreviations / contractions (like I'll, didn't)
  3.  DON'T use the first translation you find in a dictionary without checking. 
  4. DON'T forget content elements 
  5. DON'T use swear words or street language 
  6. DON'T use dumb language (gonna, kinda, u, ur, w8, like ... you know, etc.) 

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Frequent mistakes
Capital Letters:

When you talk about "ik", "i" is wrong, it is always “I” 

Days of the week, months : Monday, Tuesday, August, October

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Frequent mistakes
Word Order

In my opinion is it great to live in New York.

In my opinion it is great to live in New York

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