5H GSAW Chapter 1

GSAW Chapter 1
Summary, questions, tips
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GSAW Chapter 1
Summary, questions, tips

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Jean Louise Finch travels by train from New York City to her childhood home in Maycomb, Alabama. She expects to be greeted by her father, Atticus, at the Maycomb train station, but instead she is met by her childhood friend Henry “Hank” Clinton, her father’s protégé in his law practice. When Hank kisses her, she protests but is secretly pleased. As Hank takes her home, they discuss her father’s arthritis, which has become so bad that he can no longer dress himself. Hank offers to let her drive the car, but she refuses, instead admiring his gift with mechanics as he drives.

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Hank casually asks her to marry him—as he has asked many times before. She refuses. Hank grows serious, stops the car, and asks her again. She tells him that she will have an affair with him but will not marry him. Frustrated at her refusal, Hank tries to start the car quickly, which it is not designed to do. Jean Louise comments that it isn’t a good car for city driving.

Thinking to herself that she is “almost in love” with Hank, Jean Louise apologizes to him for being harsh. He forgives her and observes that, unlike other women, she never lies about her feelings. If she wants to catch a man, he tells her, she needs to flatter him. Jean Louise mockingly flatters Hank, easing the tension between them.

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Short questions

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The train conductor pulls a joke on Louise. What does he do?

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Where is Jean Louise returning from by train?

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Who is picking Jean Louise up from the train station?
Dill Harris
Boo Radley
Henry Clinton

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Why is Atticus not able to pick up Jean Louise from the train station?

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Questions to discuss...

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In the car, Henry says he wants to marry Jean Louise one day. Does she agree? Look up her exact answer!

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Jean Louise travels by train. Why would that be different from traveling by plane?

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How did Henry become part of their household?

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