Lesson 11 - Unit 1 - Book 4 - Erosion

Unit 1 - Book 4 - Coasts 
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Unit 1 - Book 4 - Coasts 

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

- Can water break rocks?
- Video 
- Task 

- The different words for different types of coasts 

- learn the power and influence of water 

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Book 4 - Movement
Pay attention. 

From now on...
We use book 4 ! 

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Water can break rocks

Slide 5 - Poll

Task: Water and rocks
1. Get your notebook
2. Copy the questions (schrijf de vragen dus op!) and answer.

Q1. Do you think water can break rocks? Why or why not? 
I think water can / can not break rocks because....

Q2. Finish the sentence: Rocks can break because of ....

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Fill in your answer:
I think water can / can not break rocks because....

Slide 7 - Open vraag

- Which word describes the process of the landscape changing? 

- Which 'things' (examples) can change the landscape? 

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Slide 9 - Video

Note: Erosion
Erosion: Erosie (uitschuring / afbraak)
The slow breaking down of the landscape
due to wind, water, ice or natural forces.

Wind, water, ice or natural forces move.
The landscape breaks down 
because of this. 

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Note: Types of erosion
Wind erosion: 
The wind blows the sand over the 
--> Abrasion = Afschuren 
The rock slowly gets smaller

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Types of erosion
Water erosion: 
The power of the waves or the strength of the 
water pushes against the soil / rocks. 

Sand and other rocks
in the water break 
down the landscape.

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Find out yourself how ICE changes the landscape.

Make a description of about 5 sentences with an example. 

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