Chapter 3: Lesson 1

What are we going to do?
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-Short explaination chapter 3 paragraph 1
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What are we going to do?
-Log on to edition and lessonup
-Short explaination chapter 3 paragraph 1

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What is the effect on the Netherlands?

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Chapter 3: Sustainable Netherland-energy and water
Main question:

  • Is the Netherlands ready for the future?

Sub questions:
  • What is the link between climate change and energy consumption?
  • What sort of energy supply should the Netherlands have in the future?
  • Why must the Netherlands improve its defences against the sea, and how is it doing this?
  • How can the inland regions of the Netherlands be better protected against flooding and drought?

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Energy and climate change
You are able to :
 Name the most important types of energy
Explain the carbon cycle and the enhanced greenhouse effect

Language aim:
You are able to use the words 'renewable' and 'sustainable' in one sentence

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Energy = the power that makes things work

Fossil fuels: gas, oil, coal
Sustainable fuels: solar energy, wind energy, biomass. It is renewable.

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  natural gas
 crude oil

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Greenhouse effect

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The natural greenhouse effect (left) and human enhanced greenhouse effect (right).

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Paragraph 1 excercise 1 to 6
Lessonup questions

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Carbon cycle
= Model of stores and transfers of carbon throughout the Earth’s system.

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Explain the difference between the natural and the enhanced greenhouse effect

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Paragraph 1: exercise 1 to 6

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