Lesson 2 - Unit 6 - Deforestation

Unit 6 - Caring for the world
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Unit 6 - Caring for the world

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

- Check homework 
- Talk: Deforestation
- Video: Deforestation
- Homework

- Know the causes and consequences of deforestation 

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How to:  notebook
- What is the issue?
- Where is the issue
- For who is it an issue?
- Does the issue affect you? and why or why not? (Invloed op jou?)

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Fill in your answer for the homework.
What? Where? Who? You?

Slide 4 - Open vraag

Note: Types of issues
Examples of issues for nature: 
Air: fumes (uitlaatgassen)
Land: pollution (vervuiling) or overused (mining / forests gone...)
Water: Plastic soup, chemicals, oil 
Can we think of some more issues for nature?
And what do they affect? (air, land, water?) 

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Note: Types of issues
Examples of issues for people: 
Social: War, fights, hunger, diseases 
Physical: Natural disasters, drought (droogte) or floods
Political: Dictators, bad leadership, corruption 
Economical: High prices, low income, no products

Can we think of some more issues for people?

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Today's issue: Deforestation
Deforestation: Ontbossing.

Cutting away the trees 
on a large scale and not 
planting them back

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Why are people cutting away the trees? What do you think?

Slide 8 - Woordweb

1. Watch the video

2. Write down the answer to these questions:
- What are three reasons people are cutting the trees?
- What is a consequence (gevolg) of cutting down the trees?

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Slide 10 - Video

1. Make three drawings in your notebook.

Drawing 1: What it looks like before deforestation
Drawing 2: What it looks like during deforestation
Drawing 3: What it looks like after deforestation

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