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Present simple
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Present simple

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Answer in a full sentence.
When do you get up on schooldays?

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What is your bedtime on school night?

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How many times a week do you take breakfast
I have breakfast every day
I never have breakfast
Most of the time I have breakfast
I almost never have breakfast

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Regular rule
I/YOU/WE/THEY                       I work at school                           INF
SHE/HE/IT                                   She works at school                  INF + S


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- Routines
( I have breakfast every morning, I play football every week)

-Habits (I always have an apple for breakfast)

-Permanent situations
(Miss Van Heyste teaches English at school)

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Make this sentence negative
I play the drums.

Slide 7 - Open vraag

I/YOU/WE/THEY       don't+ INF
You don't work at school.

HE/SHE/IT                   doesn't + INF
He doesn't work at school.

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Choose the correct question to the sentence above.

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He leaves for school at 8 o'clock
When he leaves for school?
When leaves he for school?
When do he leaves for school?
When does he leave for school?

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They talk about the weather
About what talk they?
What about talk they?
What do they talk about?
About what do they talk?

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Questions: rules
He leaves for school at 8.
YES/NO :            DOES             he   LEAVE for school?
QWQ :    WHEN DOES            he   LEAVE for school?

                 QW    DO/DOES     subj  INF

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Write down the third person singular of the following verbs.

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He... (to study)

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He ... (to enjoy)

Slide 15 - Woordweb

She... (to teach)

Slide 16 - Woordweb

He... (to go)

Slide 17 - Woordweb

She...(to kiss)

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Spellling rules 3rd person singular
ending in y                                       y--> ies                       He studies
ending in y (vowel in front)        y+s                              He plays

ending in hissing sound                 +es                          She teaches

ending in o                                             +es                          He goes
See Grammar Summary p 21

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