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An art centered social media platform with a twist
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An art centered social media platform with a twist

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General Concept
  • New platform with a focus on building a curated and personal/personalized timeline
  • Gives artists and companies the ability to easily find each other and communicate without strong boundaries

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  • Estimate worth of Agro's primary resources will equal to around $800,000 USD
  • With alternate add-ons adding up to an additional 
    +$1 million USD

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Visual Sample
  • To support interaction between creators and their audience, paid supporters may have exclusive opportunities
  • In this example, paid supporters can choose to vote, while non-paid supporters are only able to view the poll and see the results

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What is Argo?
  • To most, Argo is a platform where creators may share their work and interact with their supporters
  • Creators and companies will be able to utilize the function of the marketplace to find and post project proposals

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Who is the target?
  • Emphasises the use by companies and artists to communicate without strong formal barriers 
  • Has the ability for artists to have a more personal/closer relation with their supporters

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Why is Argo needed?
  • There is a need for a prominent platform for art that is both community and company friendly
  • With the ability to find artists not based on social influence, it would be giving artists with a low social presence but high potential style/work ability to find opportunities

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Potential Add-Ons
  • Curated content by possible use of Google recognition software and offering new content users may like
  • Translation/middlemen services for company and artist transactions
  • Verification check by interview of screening to prevent inauthentic creators

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Question and Feedback
Please use this time to ask any questions 
or voice any feedback.

Thank you.

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