• Introduction of me and my subject 
  • Prepare for the Quiz 
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In deze les zitten 30 slides, met interactieve quizzen, tekstslides en 3 videos.

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  • Introduction of me and my subject 
  • Prepare for the Quiz 

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What does GA mean?
(give a translation)

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What happens elsewhere effects all of us...

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What are your expectations?

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  • LESSON 2

  • Watch video
  • Do the difficult or the easy test
  •  Instruction
  • Time to work= read the file in Magister, open the Guardianlink and find a suitable picture for your essay

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Global awareness

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Slide 13 - Video

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Translate the following in silence
1. I remember that all of Earth’s people and creatures are connected to each other, and what we do can impact others.
2. I try to get to know people from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds.
3. I’m concerned about injustice around the world, and I try to help.
4. I try to learn about the world’s religions and what they have in common.
5. I try to find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts with others.
6. I care for the environment and do my part to conserve our resources.
7. If I or someone else is treated unfairly, I speak up.


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Translate the following in silence
8. I use technology in a positive, friendly way, to stay in touch with friends and share ideas.
9. I reach out to new kids at school or in the neighborhood.
10. I learn about what’s happening on other parts of the planet.
11. I find ways to be of service in my school or community.
12. I treat everyone with fairness and respect.
13. I’m curious about cultural traditions and different ways of life.
14. I share my time, money, or stuff to help others.

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  • LESSON 3

  • Speaking activity
  •  Instruction
  • Time to work 

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 lessonUp account
  1. Download or surf too 
  2. Go to Register 
  3. Choose office365 and use your schoolmail. After that you can login. 
  4. Then type in the class code at classes. =
    1hv tto a=  jpmyj

  5. Write the correct email address, password and your class code in your notebook.

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Speaking activity:
Talking about a
1. Sit in groups of 4.
2. The scorer is the person whose first name is closest to the END of the
3. Score by counting sentences.
4. You have two minutes.
5. When someone (including the scorer) says a sentence about the picture, the scorer writes down a point. The scorer can also suggest sentences. How many sentences can your group make about the picture?

Talking about a picture: 

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Which (news)picture from a human being have you chosen?

Slide 28 - Open vraag

Slide 29 - Video

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