man as a social being

man as a social being
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man as a social being

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social beings
  • need contact with others
  • people are social, you can see that from the ties you have with others
  • social cohesion: people feel they belong together

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personal relationships
personal relationships are based on feelings of love or friendship
you have personal relationships with family, friens or your partner

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functional relationships
  • based on obligations and agreements
  • are also called business relationship
  • you have a functional relation with your teacher, boss or trainer
  • you also have a functional relationship with your parents, as they are responsible for you

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love, friendship and sex
  • in a love relationship, intimicy ans sex also play a role
  • the way in wich people think about sex is calledbsexual morality
  • upbringing, religion, time and place determine sexual morality

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double standards
sometimes there is a double standard: boys and girls have different standards when it comes to sex.
e.g. a boy can have lots of different girlfriends, but a girl can't

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power relations
There are power differences in functional relationships.
Usually one has to obey the other
There are also power differences in personal relationships: for example, you have to listen to your parents.
Power differences can also arise in a love relationship, for example due to a large age difference. Therefore, a relationship between an adult and anyone under the age of 16 is prohibited.

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Social cohesion means:
All humans are social animals
Feeling that people belong together
Men get a different judgment than women
Groups of people who hate each other

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Who do you have a functional relationship with?
your sister
your brother
your friends
your parents

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Who do you have a personal relationship with?
your mother
the police
your teacher
the garbageman

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What three factors does sexual morality depend on?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Give an example of someone with whom you have a power difference

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What do you know/can you do after this lesson?
  • you can explain why man is a social being.
  •     You know the difference between functional and personal relationships. And can explain that some relationships fall into both categories.
  •     You know that there are power differences in relationships and you can name them.
  •     You are familiar with the concepts of social cohesion, sexual morality and double morality.

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