Your School/Buildings around campus

Unit 5 School Days
Unit 5 Outlook:
*Improve conversational skills
*Sign about School and School life
*Agent markers
*Tell time and time-related issues

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American Sign Language9th Grade

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Unit 5 School Days
Unit 5 Outlook:
*Improve conversational skills
*Sign about School and School life
*Agent markers
*Tell time and time-related issues

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  • Identify and provide examples of what agent signs are
  • Learn and apply ASL signs to buildings around campus 

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Gimkit Sign up 

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On your own
-Review your numbers, play the assigned GimKit
-Brainstorm: in your ASL notebook think of all of the buildings around campus, write them down

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Slide 5 - Link

Agent signs: examples, what are they?

Slide 6 - Woordweb

Agent Signs review again

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Partner time
1. Talk to a partner and tell them what an agent sign is
2. Think of 3 examples of an agent signs
4. I'll pull sticks for you to share one example

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Agent signs use why/when?
-Many of the campus buildings that we learn today have people that work in them. Example:

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ASL Notebook
  • Turn to a blank page
  • At the top put Unit 5 
  • On the first line write: Story, Buildings Around Campus 

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Around the Campus

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Story Time/Buildings Around Campus
Watch the video, see what vocab you can pick out. We will watch this again at the end. 

(Write the vocabulary that you know in your ASL Notebook)

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Slide 13 - Video

Vocab you reconized

Slide 14 - Woordweb

What do you think the conversation was about?

Slide 15 - Open vraag

area (location)
stadium, auditorium 
students center
technology center

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Teach your peers
  • With a partner or small group go through the following slides and practice together
  • I will ask your group at the end to teach one of the following vocabulary words and point to that word/location on a map 

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stadium, auditorium 

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students center

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technology center

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Fingerspell the following

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School Tour
  • When you see a vocab word raise your hand 

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Slide 31 - Video

Label the School
-Help me label the school 

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Giving Directions
-When giving directions it is important to point in the general direction that the location is.
-With a partner, practice giving directions.

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-Practice giving directions with a partner, no talking please!
-Use the ASL structured sentences provided.

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1. In the clear folders find a partner and practice the chat board.

2. Take turns asking directions and giving directions 

Note: when giving directions make sure you point in the correct direction

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Exit Ticket

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ASL Notebook
-Now that we have learned how to sign buildings around campus let's look at the video again
-Write the story in you ASL notebook

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Slide 39 - Video