Lesson 3: Sexual development

Get ready: 
-HW female reproductive system

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Get ready: 
-HW female reproductive system

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  • 1. oviduct (fallopian tube): transports the ova to the uterus
  • 2. ovary: produces the ova (eggs) and the hormones estrogen and progesterone
  • 3a. uterus: is like a large sack that holds the developing baby
  • 3b. uterus wall: thick wall on the outside of the uterus made of muscles
  • 3c. cervix: the entrance to the uterus from the vagina
  • 4. vagina: the opening of the woman's body where the penis fits in.
  • 5. hymen: the half-open covering to the entrance of the vagina.
  • 6. bladder: store urine that comes from the kidneys

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  • 7. urethra: the tube that move urine out of the body
  • 8. clitoris: the sensitive part of the female reproductive system, this works the same as the glans with men.
  • 9. inner labia: produces mucus to protect the reproductive organs and also lubricates the area during sex.
  • 10. outer labia: this helps protect the reproductive organs.

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Lesson 3: Sexual development

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Learning goals lesson 3
1. You can explain the difference between primary and secundary sexual characteristics
2. You can give examples of both in females and males
3. You can explain the role of testosterone & estrogen in sexual development

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Sexual development
  • Primary sexual characteristics: characteristics that you are born with
  • Secondary sexual characteristics: develop later in life, usually during puberty
   Caused by the production of hormones

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What are hormones?
  • These are chemicals that slowly change things in our bodies
  • They are transported through our blood

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Male secondary sexual characteristics
Hormone = testosterone

  • Growth of hair
  • Growth of penis and testicles
  • Enlargment of Adam's apple
  • deepeing of the voice
  • Increased muscles and strength
  • Increased secretions of oil and sweat -> acne & body odor

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Female secondary sexual characteristics
Hormone = Estrogen (& progesterone)

  • Breasts and nipples grow bigger
  • Body hair 
  • Widening of the hips
  • More fat deposists (thighs, hips and buttocks)
  • Ovulation and menstruation start
  • Increased secretions oil and sweat -> odor and acne

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Which characteristics are present at birth?
Primary sexual characteristics
Secondary sexual characteristics

Slide 11 - Quizvraag

Which characteristics develop during puberty?
Primary sexual characteristics
Secondary sexual characteristics

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How do organisms develop secondary sexual characteristics?
Under the influence of hormones
Under the influence of the weather
Under the influence of gravity

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What is a primary sexual characteristic of a man?
a beard
stronger muscles
a penis
stronger body smell

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What is a primary sexual characteristic of a woman?
a vagina
stronger body smell

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Contraceptive assignment
  • What is the name of your method? 
  • Who uses it? (male female or both)
  • How does it work?
  • How do you use it? 
  • What is the effectiveness of the contraceptive method (what is the chance of getting pregnant when you are using this method? 
  • Does it prevent people catching a sexually transmitted disease? 
  • Where can you buy it? 
  • what are the advantages & disadvantages? 
  • mention your sources (where did you find the information?)

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Contraceptive assignment
A. INDIVIDUAL: make a brochure  (A4 front AND back) about a contraceptive, in which the following aspects should be covered. 

B. IN PAIRS: make a infomercial (video) about a contraceptive, in which the following aspects should be covered. 5-10 min.

Further instructions are on page 22 of the Ibook. 
Choose your topic today, fill in the google form via classroom! 

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  • The pill
  • Abstinance
  • The morning after pill
  • Diaphragm
  • IUD
  • Female condom
  • Condom

-Done? -> Start with the HW for lesson 4

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