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What will we do this lesson?

* What do you know about Frankenstein?
* Discussing difficult words
* Reading the text
* What do you think about the text? 
* Looking back & reflection 

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What do you know?

Slide 3 - Woordweb

Before reading, what do you think of this picture?

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How do you think the character in the previous picture feels? You can also use an emoji!

Slide 6 - Open vraag

The first horror story
- Dr. Frankenstein is very interested in science but extremely alone.

- He wants to bring the dead to life.

- When he does, he becomes scared of his own creation.

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Difficult words

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Foreign = Buitenlands
To Separate = Scheiden
Instantly = Meteen
Amiable = Lief
Sympathising = Medeleven hebben met iemand
Existence = Bestaan
Dwelling = Onderkomen
To precede = Vooraf gaan aan

Countenance = Verschijning
Detestable = Huiveringwekkend

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Let's read the text!

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Which emotions did we see and feel?

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Fill in using emoji's how YOU felt during the reading of the text.

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Fill in how you think THE CHARACTERS felt, you may use emojis.

Slide 16 - Open vraag

On to the questions...

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Do the different drawing styles changes your opinion of the monster? Why? 

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Do the different drawing styles change your opinion of the monster? Why?

Slide 19 - Open vraag

The monster, when feeling alone, decides to join the old man. He lies to the old man about having a family.
 Why would he do this?

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Why does the monster lie about having a family to the old man?

Slide 21 - Open vraag

Would you have done the same? Why?

Slide 22 - Open vraag

Why is the old man not scared of the monster?

Slide 23 - Open vraag

Think about the following...

- Would you want to change some of your answers?
- Did your opinion change after reading the answers of your classmates?
- Has your opinion about the monster changed? 

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My opinion about the monster and my own answers changed after discussing the text with my classmates

Slide 25 - Quizvraag


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Discuss with your group:
- How did you feel about the story?
- Do you have something in common with the monster? How is this story still relevant?

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Write down some key words about this lesson
The lesson + Frankenstein

Slide 28 - Woordweb

Final question: If you met the monster, what advice would you give him?

Slide 29 - Open vraag

I thought this lesson was...
Pretty boring
It was okay

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