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First English lesson of the year.

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3 mavo
First English lesson of the year.


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-I get used to using (spoken) English again.
-I understand how the LP / NH is going to work this year
-I know what is expected of me this week (and every week to come)

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Activity 1 - What makes you unique?
Step 1: Think of something that makes you unique.
-Everyone stands up and forms a circle-
Step 2: Tell everyone else, in English.

Unique? The next person continues.
Not unique? Sit down. 

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Activity 2 - Adjectives
Adjectives say something about a person, animal or thing. 

Think of an adjective, starting with the same letter as your first name. Try to find someone with the same first letter and exchange. If there's no one, just talk to a few other people and tell them your super cool adjective. 

Example: Strong Steffi, Smart Steffi, Sensational Steffi

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Accessing LP/NH this year
Nieuwste editie NH, net als vorig jaar. 
Toegang: werkdoelen

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Let's get to work!
Maak de 4 werkdoelen van deze week: 
Introductie, A, B & C

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Next time...
If any assignment gives you difficulty > sign up for my workshops on Thursday. I'm going to pay special attention to part C: reading then. 

Some of you will see Chantal on Wednesday/Friday, she can help you too. 

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I'm feeling comfortable speaking English (again).

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I know how to access NH.

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I know what is expected of me this year.

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Steffi's memes are the coolest.

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