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EngelsMBOStudiejaar 2

In deze les zitten 24 slides, met interactieve quizzen, tekstslides en 2 videos.

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Dit schooljaar:

* See Pearson
* Centraal examen Engels
* Vaardigheidsexamen Engels
* Inhalen gemiste toetsen jaar 1

Jaar 3? Herkansingen

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Learning objectives:

1. You will know what the SEE Pearson test will test you on.
2. You have your learning goals for this coming year formulated.
3. You know how to use the reading strategy scanning
4.You have acquired new general English vocabulary.

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1. Je gaat naar een filmpje van Louis van Gaal luisteren. Als je Louis van Gaal een aantal tips en tops moest geven welke zouden dat dan zijn?

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Speaking exercise:

1. What do you like to do on the weekend?(30 seconds)
2. Please tell me about your family(30 seconds)
3. Please tell me about your best friend(30 seconds)

Record yourself for the whole exercise and turn the recording in on teams. I will give you feedback on what could be improved. 

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2. Als je jezelf nu een aantal tips en tops zou geven met betrekking tot jouw Engels. Welke zouden dat dan zijn?

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3. Formuleer nu minimaal 3 leerdoelen voor jezelf voor dit schooljaar.

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Skimming and scanning

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Text A Heading

Slide 15 - Open vraag

1.How do people like to travel these days?

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2. What do they decide on first?

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Text B Heading

Slide 19 - Open vraag

1.What does the time you go depend on?

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2. What are some examples of outdoor activities.

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3. What do you do on a relaxing holiday?

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Scanning exercise:
You are going to find a vacation bargain that matches the following criteria. Whoever is able to find the cheapest bargain is the winner. Use English travel websites. Present your holiday briefly to the class in English. 

* 1 week vacation;
* autumn break 2021;
* No specific type of residence required;
* maximum of 1000 euro's;
* historical sites nearby, close to a lake, river, sea;
* Warm climate;
* Travel by car, train or airplane. 

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