W4R 2021 (TTO)

Write for Rights 2021
Stuur online een kaart of brief en/of teken een petitie 
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Write for Rights 2021
Stuur online een kaart of brief en/of teken een petitie 

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Join the largest letter-writing campaign in the country
Do you and your class want to fight for human rights? During Write for Rights we send massive amounts of letters and cards to help five people who are victims of injustice. And it works! Last year a lot of schools and students participated. And it really had a great effect! Is your school joining in this year?

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Letter writing works! A short clip of why it works!
Think you can’t change the world? You already have!
Reading the news can be really depressing. Sometimes there seems to be so much wrong in the world, the idea of changing it for the better feels impossible. But as Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign shows, you can make a big difference by doing something ‘little’.

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click on the hotspot for more information
In 2021, miljoenen mensen zoals jij hebben de levens veranderd van 10 mensen waarvan de mensenrechten waren afgenomen. Als iedereen een uurtje de tijd neemt om een online een brief of kaart te sturen, maakt dat voor veel leerlingen een wereld van verschil voor de mensen die we in 2021 ondersteund hebben. Laten we luisteren naar hun verhalen.

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Nassima al-Sada, a campaigner for women’s freedom, walked free from jail in June 2021. Nassima had been arrested in 2018 for peacefully defending human rights. While imprisoned the guards beat her and banned anyone from visiting – even her lawyer. Supporters worldwide wrote a massive 777,611 letters, tweets and more. After years of stagnation this secured her release. 

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This web page shows last year's success stories. Scroll down to see more .....

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One of the most successful stories was of the Ethiopian opposition leader's release in 2010.

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How it works
What can you do? 
  • Wherever you are, at school or at home on your iPad. We have several online opportunities for you to join Write for Rights at School in 2021!
  • Write for Rights at School will be supporting these five people and organisations this year. Send a card with your personal greeting online.

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The next few slides show four of the five cases who we are writing for this year.

Choose one or more to show in the class depending on how much time you have. Or get the students to watch them at home. 

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This film clip is to support the petition on the website: 
Interesting to know: 
Amnesty’s afdeling Educatie biedt petities aan die speciaal gericht zijn op een jongere doelgroep. De informatie op deze petities is vereenvoudigd en er worden minder (persoons)gegevens op achtergelaten (alleen voornaam en leeftijd) dan op petities voor volwassenen.
Until last year, Mikita from Belarus had a very ordinary life. He was 16 years old and like many other young people, he was playing Minecraft, listening to rap and riding his BMX. But for the next five years, he is in a juvenile prison. All because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
Send a card to Mikita, let him know that you are thinking of him.

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Students may have already looked at Janna's case in the TTO Global Citizenship lessons. 
If this is so, then just continue with the other cases. 

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Get your class to open the website (share screen in LessonUp) and then they can send digital cards (Amnesty International will print out all cards and make sure that they are delivered to the person concerned) 
It’s a campaign that really does work –  In 2020, more than 400,000 people took action through Write for Rights, calling for the  protection of  Jani, an environmental campaigner.

“I am so very grateful for the letters. From the bottom of my heart, this campaign has kept me alive. It’s what has stopped them from killing me because they know that you are there.”

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Thank you for participating.... 

It makes such a difference : )