Chapter 22

For each statement, make an equation in terms of x and then solve it.
"A number multiplied by four gives 32."
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For each statement, make an equation in terms of x and then solve it.
"A number multiplied by four gives 32."

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If a number is subtracted from nine the result is -5.

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Represent each situation using an equation in terms of y. Then solve it.
"A number is multiplied by four, then 10 is added to get 50."

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When 10 is subtracted from four times a certain number, the result is 190.

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Three times the sum of a number and four gives 150.

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Solve each problem by setting up an equation.
"A number is doubled and then six is added. When this is divided by four, the result is seven. What is the number?"

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A father is three times as old as his daughter. If the father is 31 years older than his daughter, what are their ages?

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Jess and Silvia have 420 marbles between them. If Jess has five times as many marbles as Silvia, how many do they each have?

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Soumik has $5 less than his friend Kofi. If they have $97.50 altogether, how much does each person have?

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Two competition winners are to share a prize of $750. If one winner receives twice as much as the other, how much will they each receive?

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A grandfather is six times as old as his grandson. If the grandfather was 45 when his grandson was born, how old is the grandson?

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Seat work
Numbers 6 to 10

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Chapter 20 Review

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Five sector angles in a pie chart are x* + 2x* + 5x* + 20* + 70*. Find the value of x in degrees.

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Mike marks in 5 tests are: 20, 2a, a, 30, 40. His mean mark is 27. What is the value of a?

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b. Inter-quartile range
c. number of students with a reaction time of more than 4 seconds.

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Find the median.

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b. the 20th percentile

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c. the inter-quartile range

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d. the probability that a person chosen at random spends 2 hours or less in the museum.

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