1HTC Week 40 Les 3 (LV Unit 1.8 ; speaking)

Week 40: lesson 3 (Unit 1.8 Speaking)
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Week 40: lesson 3 (Unit 1.8 Speaking)

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None, did it all in class :)

Homework not done? >> come back on friday at 16.00 in room 063 to finish it!

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Last lesson

I can understand the gist of an interview about the Mongol Rally

What does "the gist" mean?

This lesson

I can maintain a conversation about my weekend

What does "maintain" mean?

Lesson goals

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Lesson plan

1. Open question
2. Listen & prepare
3. Practice speaking
4. Speak in front of class
5. Did we achieve our lesson goals?

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How was your weekend?
(Really? Wow! Ok. How lovely! That's amazing! Did you?Were you?)
(How awful! That's sad. What a pity!)
(And you? How about you? What about your weekend?)

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Unit 1.8  Speaking
Go to Students Book p.16

Read the questions of ex.2

I will play the audio in 1 minute

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Unit 1.8  Speaking
Let's look at the strategy and the phrasebook

Then listen to the audio again and answer the questions of ex. 3

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 Write a dialogue

Work in pairs
Look at the dialogue (conversation) in ex. 6 & think about a memorable weekend, then write down a dialogue together with your neighbour

You have 8 minutes to prepare


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So what did you write?
Let me hear it! 

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Lesson goals:

I can maintain a conversation about my weekend

What does "maintain" mean?

Homework :

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Last 5 minutes 
of the lesson

- Stay seated till the bell goes
- Write down homework
- Pack your bag 

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