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Juan Carlos Muñoz Cardona

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People have lived there for thousands of years, they have a significant relationship with the landscape.

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The tourists can make trips to observe the great diversity of flora and fauna that inhabits this place.

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The tourists can visit the forest, camping, hiking and many other activities attractive to humans.

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This place is controlled by the keepers to avoid the insertion of pests that affect the wild life of the place.

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It is a national park located in Wyoming. It is a natural recreation area.

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It receives thousands of visitors daily, it even stays open at night and camping

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In these places people still live, which still preserve the ancient customs of their region.

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It is located on the coast of Queensland, in the Coral Sea northeast of Australia.
This place receives thousands of tourists a day.

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It is a national park located in northern Tanzania, it is known for its annual migration of wildebeest and zebra.

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The visitors can perform various activities such as camping and safaris that can even be done from a hot air balloon.

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The relationship between man and nature has always existed, but unfortunately today the human being takes advantage of it to obtain benefits, for this reason, if we continue acting in this way, in the near future there will be no nature on earth and Neither will there be humans because for the survival of these the existence of the environment is necessary, that is why we must all become aware and take care of all the environment that surrounds us, because in addition to what is necessary for our survival, nature is beautiful and It is something that should be appreciated.

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