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Lesson goal
  • You will practice your English writing skills

  • You will practice using the correct tense in your sentences, punctuation, at least 8 conjunctions, a variety of words and capital letters to prepare for the writing test. (use the information in your new reader)

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Writing lesson plan
This week and the following weeks you are going to practice and expand your English writing skills. After four lessons you will make a writing test on the computer, these lessons will give you an opportunity to practice for this test.
For two weeks you will receive a writing assignment with a different topic every time.
Today’s topic is: “How do airplanes fly?”

Every writing assignment is an individual assignment, you can help each other but the final product has to be your own. All the writing has to be in your own words, otherwise these assignments have no use, since we want to practice your writing skills. When you are finished, another student will check your work.

You have the whole lesson for this assignment.

So, let's get started!

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But first!
Let's get warmed up with 
warm-up writing activity:
Alternative ending

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Alternative ending

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Write your own alternative ending to the short film you just saw

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Writing assignment (on p. 12) 
This week's topic: How do airplanes fly?  
1.  Choose two airplanes; a commercial airplane and a fighter plane.
2. Look up how these airplanes fly on the internet (or use other sources of information) 
3. With the information you have found you are going to:
• Open a new Word document
• Give the assignment a title
• Write down your name and class
• Divide the text into: the commercial airplane / the fighter plane
• Use 300 words per plane (you may include pictures)
• Describe the use of the commercial and fighter plane separately
• Describe how each airplane flies
• Make sure you save your work on your own laptop!

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 Grammar overview guide
Check in your reader for the following: 
  • Use the correct tense (page 63-66 of your reader)
  • At least 8 conjunctions in your text (page 67-70 of your reader)
  • Use correct sentence structure (page 78 of your reader)
  • Use irregular verbs correctly (page 80-83 of your reader)
  • Use capital letters correctly (page 78 of your reader)
  • Use the articles correctly (a/an/the) (page 72-73)
  • Use as much variety in your vocabulary as you can 

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Checking your writing
Go to page 13 and let a fellow student check your writing. 
Follow the form in your reader!

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Writing example

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