TOK ethics 2 - Utilitarianism

Make sure you have your TOK journal for notes. 
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Make sure you have your TOK journal for notes. 

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TOK Today
  • Discuss homework
  • Utilitarianism
  • Ethics in the News 
  • Ethics knowledge questions 

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Make the Edpuzzle on Peter Singer's TED talk: The why and how of effective altruism. 

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How would you formulate 'the main point' of Peter Singers TED talk on effective altruism?

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Consequentialism / Ulititarianism
The greatest Happiness for the greatest Number.

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Bentham and Mill 

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If a doctor has to choose between saving the life of 1 patient who is really ill with Corona or saving the lives of 10 who are moderately ill, what would be the most ethical choice according to a utilitarianist?
Saving the first one who comes in.
Saving the 1 very ill one.
Saving the 10.
Saving none.

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If there is a shortage of face-masks, who should get them according to a utilitarianist?
The first ones to buy them.
People who pay most.
Doctors & nurses.
Equal division in the population.

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What are the problems of utilitarianism?

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Problems of Utilitarianism
  • How do we measure happiness?
  • We cannot always predict the outcome of our actions.
  • A public, not a personal ethical code?

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What are some current ethical dilemma's you can think of?

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Upload a screenshot of an ethical dilemma in the news.

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What would a utilitarianist do in case of.... ?

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some TOK questions on ethics 
  • If moral claims conflict, does it follow that all views are equally acceptable?
  • Are there situations where a lack of knowledge is an excuse for unethical behaviour?
  • Do political leaders and officials have different ethical obligations and responsibilities compared to members of the general public?
  • Do researchers have different ethical responsibilities when they are working with human subjects compared to when they are working with animals?

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What have you learned today?

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Tomorrow subject choice day.
If you haven't made last weeks homework, make it.  
Next week vacation ūüėÄ.

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