V6B - P3 - Week 7 - Exam practise

V6B - P3 - Week 7
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V6B - P3 - Week 7

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Today's Lesson

Today you will prepare for your exam
by practising your reading skills

Good luck!

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Exam Practise

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Would you like to do a deltaplan lesson to prepare for the exam?

Slide 4 - Quizvraag

What to expect
Every exam has the same  types of questions and
there are strategies to tackle them. 

Multiple-choice items
Short-response items
Gap-fill items

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  • Look up vocabulary that you do not understand (only if it stops you from understanding the bigger picture). Context can usually help you.
    You can use a dictionary for the real test.
  • Make sure you can point at the answer in the text, this should make you more confident that it's correct. 
  • Do exactly what they ask. For example, when they ask you to quote (citeer), do not do it the Dutch way. Do what they want. 

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Step by Step
1. Read the title
2. Look at the pictures + other aspects that stand out
3. Read the (first) question (do not read the answers, unless it's a gap fill)
4. Read the part of the text that goes with the question
5. Think of your own answer and match it to MC questions
6. Not sure? Cross out the answers that are definitely incorrect. 
7. Repeat steps 3-6 until all the questions are answered
8. New text: start at step 1

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Practise Time
You will receive an old exam on paper

You may write on this, underlining and highlighting can help you in understanding the text. 

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What did you accomplish this lesson?
(Be specific please.)

Slide 9 - Open vraag

Other practise options
You can practise online anytime or place: 
Free + keeps track of your progress

At school? You can borrow an Examenbundel from me

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You have finished today's lesson 

You practised your reading skills

Well done!

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