Writing a letter of complaint

Letter of complaint
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Letter of complaint

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What do you think should be in a letter of complaint?

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Structure email or letter of complaint

part 1
When you do know the recipient's name:
Dear Mr (or Mrs, Ms, Miss, etc.) Surname.
When you don't know the recipient's name:
Dear Sir/Madam,  or To whom it may concern. 
part 2
introduction  paragraph
In your first sentence draw the recipient’s attention to the matter you’re going to raise or discuss.
body paragraph(s)
Provide some detailed background information; describe the circumstances that resulted in your dissatisfaction. Then, expand on the effects and consequences the problem had—show what damage you’ve suffered.
final paragraph
In conclusion, you should state what your expectations are and when you want to receive an answer to your complaint.
part 3
the close
When you do know the recipient's name: Yours sincerely,
When you don't know the recipient's name: Yours faithfully,
Type your name underneath your signature.

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For next class: write a letter of complaint. 

Choose from: 

1. Having had to wait for you food for a very long time

2. Not having been helped properly in hospital
You may use the following videos as a source of inspiration.
Download the document "Letters of complaint classmaterial" from your studiewijzer.

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New assignment
Write a letter of complaint based on an actual and real previous experience with “customer service” sort of experience. Be sure to follow the basic guidelines of a complaint letter as explained in class and in the writing guide on ELO: identify the problem with useful information, explain what went wrong, and state what you expect to resolve your problem.
If you never suffered such an experience you can write a letter of complaint to a hotel complaining about the reception you received and/or the room you were given.

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When you use your imagination:
On the test, you will be given an assignment that requires you to use your imagination. You need to sketch an imaginative situation or incident and come up with details. Make sure you keep this realistic and don't go overboard (this is for a test, so take it seriously!)

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