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What will you learn in the geography part of the lesson?
- the six provinces and two territories 
- the capital and the most important cities in Australia
- some of Australias most beautiful and well-know sights
- main natural resources of Australia

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short video about australia

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Provinces and territories
- Australian Capital Territory
- New South Wales
- Northern territory 
- Victoria
- Western Australia
- Queensland
- Tasmania
- South Australia
Press me!
The main difference lies between the governing powers of the states and territories, and this division was made to help with administration. 

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Australian Capitol Territory
- Canberra
- The home of federal parliament. 

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Northern Territory
- Ayers Rock
- Alice Springs
- Darwin

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New south Wales
- Sydney
- Surfing
- most important Koalas. 
- the Secret 
- The blue mountains.

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- Melbourne 
- Phillip Island
- Food capital of Australia 

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Western Australia
- Perth 
- Rottnest Island with its quokkas 
- Kimberley Region

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Australia calling, a live chat with Lauren from Perth

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- Great Barrier Reef
- Brisbane 
- Daintree Rainforest

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- Hobart
- Tasmanian Devil
- Van Diemen's Land, 
which we read about in the Secret River

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South Australia
- Adelaide 
- Australian outback 
- Aboriginal history

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Main natural resources
- Mining

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How many minerals does Australia produce?

Slide 15 - Quizvraag

What is the only place in Australia where there isn't a mining site?
it is everywhere in Australia
Australian Capital Territory
Northern Territory

Slide 16 - Quizvraag

Agriculture in Australia
- Sheep farming

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Agriculture in Australia
- Ostrich/emu farming

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Agriculture in Australia
- Kangaroo 

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farming in Australia

Slide 20 - Woordweb

Test your knowledge
1. This capital city is also known as the "bush capitol"
2. This place is known as the biggest territory of the two. 
3. In this province you can take a selfie with a quokka. 
4. Eucalyptus forests are in this province. 
5. Van Diemen's land is the former name of this province. 
6. This is the capital city of the province where William Thornhill first arrived. 

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7. This city is the capital of the territory in which you can find Uluru. 
8. This city is also known as the food capital of Australia. 
9. A place that is so remote and is referred to by one name. 
10. When looking under water you will find 1500 hundred species of fish. 
11. This territory is the smallest of them all. 

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upload your map here.
extra information
Feel free to use this map in your further studies, by filling it in completely, this map could be a handy learning tool. 

Slide 23 - Open vraag

What have we learned?
- Identify the six provinces of Australia and the two territories.
- Provide the capital to each province, territory and country.
- Name the main natural resources.

Thankyou for listening and watching.

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