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Fire on board 
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Fire on board 

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Lesson goals
  • You can explain what kind of fire protection there is on board of the Airbus.
  • You can use modal verbs and imperatives to give instructions and orders.
  • You'll learn about affixes and possessive pronouns
  • Practice your listening skills (mainly comprehension and interpretation of videos)

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Time for grammar!
Today we're going to learn about the following:
  • Modal verbs such as can, could, will, would, etc.
We use modals to change the mood of a sentence.
  • Imperatives such as ''Come here!'' ''Stir the pot''
We use the imperative form to give orders or directions in English.

In the following video, you must learn a bit more about modal verbs and what they are.

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What is a modal verb's purpose?
Explain in your own words

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Sleep de zinnen hieronder naar het woord dat erbij past hierboven
______you like to help others?
If I ______help others that would be great!
I think  people_______ help eachother!

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Create your own sentence using an imperative

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Warm-up: Listening
Listen to the following video and find the following answers!

Answer the following questions correctly!

**Copy the following or remember the following questions**

1. When does fire happen/occur on a plane? 
2. What can cause engine fire?
3. What happens during an APU fire? (How does the pilot solve this? )
4.  How does the pilot handle fire in the cargo compartment? 

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Exercise - Vocabulary
What do you already know about fire protection in an airplane? ​

Write down what you already know about the fire protection in an airplane ​
Think of fire protection in the following compartments ​
  • Engines and auxiliary engines ​
  • Landing gear ​
  • Cockpit ​
  • Cargo hold ​
  • Washroom 

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Write down what you already know about the fire protection in an airplane ​
Think of fire protection in the following compartments ​
Engines and auxiliary engines ​
Landing gear ​
Cockpit ​
Cargo hold ​

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Write down what you already know about the fire protection in an airplane

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Slide 16 - Video

Name three things the aircraft fire protection system consists of

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Who controls the extinguisher bottles in the engines and APU?

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What does FDU stand for?

Fire Detainment Unit
Fire Detection Unit

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Why are there two loops in the engine which can provide a signal that there is a fire?

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What is situated next to the fire push button?

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How can pilots test the operation of the fire extinguishing system before the flight?

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Name two ways you can shut off the APU when there is a fire while you are standing on the ground.

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Exercise 4 and 5
Complete the following activities

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Breaking the law – can and can’t – have to – illegal – let – mustn’t – not allowed – permitted – prohibited – required
1. It is ___________________________ to smoke in the washroom.
2. Passengers are not ________________________________ to enter the cockpit at any time.
3. You are ____________________________ to leave your seat during take-off and landing.
4. Carrying anything explosive onto a plane is ____________________________.
5. The cabin crew ______________________________ inform passengers of safety procedures in the event of an accident at the beginning of every flight.
6. All passengers flying to and from the US are __________________________ to carry a machine-readable passport.
7. The man was not _____________________________ on board because he appeared to be carrying suspicious goods in his hand luggage.
8. It is _____________________________ to fly a plane without a license.
9. Hand luggage can be taken into the cabin _______________________________ contain any dangerous or flammable items.
10. Flight regulations clearly state what passengers ____________________ bring onto a plane.

**Complete the sentences with the words and phrases in the box. In some cases, more than one answer is possible.**

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Rearrange the words to make orders. 

E.g.:  Aerodrome / inform/ nearest / of / pilot / the / the 
Answer: Inform the pilot of the nearest aerodrome.

1. Immediately / fasten / passengers / seatbelts / tell / the / their / to
2. Don’t / hot / it / it’s / so / touch / very
3. Tell / severe / we / passenger / Medlink / have / and / burns / call / them / a / with
4. About / and / contact / emergency / problem / services / tell / the / the / them
5. Engine / down / two / number / shut


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Let's see what you've learned!
The following activity is in your reader on p. 83 to 86 (Exercise 7)
It's a writing exercise where you must write instructions for each of the safety instruction card. Follow the steps on the cards.  
Use the video as an example to help you write the instructions.
You can send a copy to me for feedback

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What are modal verbs?

What are imperatives?

What is important when you give instructions?

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What kind of fire protection do you have on board of an Airbus?

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See you next week! 

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