Ways to enter global market

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Section 4.2:
Ways to enter the global market
Pages 85-92

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Identify the government regulation on international trade
Analyze the issues you need to consider before going global.
Discuss the ethical way of doing business.

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Over 100 federal agencies are involved in the import and
export process.General information on import requirements
can be found at the U.S. Customs Service Website. General
information on export requirements can be found at the U.S.
Census Bureau’s Website.
Exporting is a fairly complex process. A number of programs and forms of financial export assistance can help entrepreneurs export 
their goods. These types of programs are offered by U.S. government
agencies and investment corporations.

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Which federal agency would be
responsible for regulating the importation of rice?

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Which is the the primary federal agency with oversight over
import requirements?
Trade Information Centre
Food and Drug administration
US Customs Service
Export Assistance Centers

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Research on government regulations for importing goods in Bahrain.

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When you think about going global, make sure you are ready for the challenge.They need to determine if there is a demand for the
product or service they are offering. They also need to conduct market  research to learn more about the market they are targeting.

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What are the things to consider before going global?

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To determine if there is a
market for your product or service, conduct ____________
Handling risk
Market Research

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Why must you be prepared to go through a process of trial and error?

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Comment on the Statement
Explain whether offering or accepting a bribe while doing business in another country is ethical when it is an acceptable way of doing business in that country.

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Comment on the given statement

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Give the important points of the lesson

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