Letting your voice be heard

Let your voice be heard
To do or not to do
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Let your voice be heard
To do or not to do

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After this class you know:
1. interest groups
2. political system
3. tools used by interest groups

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collective and individual interests.
Social mobility 
social environment
Government policy also plays a role

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welfare state
liberal state

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Welfare state:
collective interests
they are important to many people, such as:
good education;
good health care;
and much more.
Liberal state:
individual interests
they are important to specefic people, such as liberal economy

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the benefit you get from something.
Individual interest
opposing interests

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Interest groups
groups of individuals with a common interest!!
tools that they can use:
Collect signatures/   Actions
Strikes /Go to court

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File assignment: interest groups
There are different interest groups. Who goes for the cheapest, who for the most social and who for the most environmentally friendly banana? Which banana are you going for? What is most important to you; the price, the farmer's income or the environment? Are you going for short- or long-term solutions? The table below briefly lists all the characteristics of the bananas.

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File assignment: interest groups
The different interest groups are divided into your group:
Market vendor
Young mother
Advertising man
(Environmental) activist

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File assignment: interest groups
Try to empathize with your role and think about your position.

Think of and describe at least 5 arguments for your position. Why does the person you represent choose that one banana? When considering your role, also consider the social and economic status someone is in.

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File assignment: interest groups
Argument 1:……….
Argument 2:……….
Argument 3:……….
Argument 4:……….
Argument 5:……….

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File assignment: interest groups
Does everyone have 5 arguments? Then you will listen to the different positions of the interest groups:
Per group member you can argue your own position in 1 minute using the 5 arguments you have written down/typed.
After 1 minute, another group member will argue his/her own position.

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Has everyone argued their own position? Then think together which interest groups can agree and which are completely different and why?
For your file, describe the following (in at least 150 words):

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What was your character?
Describe at least the 5 arguments for your position
How did the discussion feel?
Which other character did you agree with and why?
Was there a conflict of interest and why?
What did you think of this assignment? Have you learned anything?

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