Speaking test preparation

Preparing for your speaking test
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Preparing for your speaking test

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In this lesson we will...
  1. have a closer look at what you need to know/do/prepare for your speaking test
  2. discuss some speaking test tips
  3. look up subject-related words to help you prepare for your test 

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What else is important
during a speaking exam?
Any tips?

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What will your speaking test be about?
  • What you'd like to study after you graduate
  •  which job you would like to have (in the future)
  • your part-time job 
  • your hobbies (+possible connection to future job?)
  • how covid has affected your school results / life

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What can you bring to your exam?
Anything to support your story!
Think: PowerPoint, pictures, mindmap, items

Anything is possible as long as you DON'T read!
So, don't include full sentences.

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What do you want to talk about?
....and which words do you need to tell your story?
For example; you want to talk about your future job as a nurse. Which words can you think of? 
emergency room, surgery, IV,  ward etc. 

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  • create a mind map (online or on paper)
  •  put your speaking subject in the middle
  • look for any word related to your subject
  • use the internet! 
  • find at least 5 words that characterise your job/education etc. 

Let me show you an example

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At the end of the lesson...
I want everyone to hand in their mind map
So, send me a link to your online mind map, send a screenshot or take a picture 
Send it in a personal chat via Teams, please

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What's one word
that characterises your
speaking subject?

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Next lesson
we will practice speaking in small groups 

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Tips to improve your pronunciation 
  • listen to an audio book and read at the same time. Read out loud and correct yourself. Harry Potter
  • record yourself reading, listen again and correct 
  • watch basic pronunciation videos (th-sound / t/ d) and practice
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