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Thursday, March 9th
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Thursday, March 9th

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- 10 minutes of silent reading
- Kennis van Land en Volk: Education
- SE Speaking: Text 7

Have you handed in your C1 Advanced photo consent form yet?
Tomorrow = final day!

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Read your novel

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Let's start with the UK

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Some additions
  • Secondary modern - vmbo
  • Grammar school - VWO/ Gymnasium
  • Comprehensive school - scholengemeenschap/ school met alle niveau's

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- SATs (Standard Assessment Tasks) at the ages of 7, 11 and 14 (some take 11+ test)
- SATs in core subjects English, Mathemetics and Science (and Welsh in Wales).
- Age 16: pupils take GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in up to 10 subjects
   -> comparable to ‘eindexamen’ in Holland

- At the end of 6th form (bovenbouw VWO) A-levels (Advanced levels) are taken.
- 3 A-levels are required to enter university.
- If you want to take more subjects in 6th form, you can take AS-levels (Advanced Supplementary) for one year.

- Pupils who go to Vocational Training (MBO) take NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications)

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  • Course work/ tests: 7 grades from A – G (A is top)
  • A-levels: 5 grades from A – E
  • GCSE levels: grades from 10 – 4

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School uniforms in primary school
School uniforms in secondary school

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Now, let's turn to the US
Take a look at the chart to see what grades American children go through.

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The biggest difference with the Dutch system is that everybody is in the same grade. There are no different levels in a grade.

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The American equivalent of the British GCSE is called SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or ACT (American College Testing Program).

Both tests are recognised by accredited universities to evaluate potential students.

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  • Grades go from A+  to F(ail)
  • GPA: Grade Point Average (overall course average)

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School meals
Extracurricular activities

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Any questions?

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SE Speaking: Text 7
Find the questions on the Magister study guide!

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- Bring your device and your SE Speaking reader to class
- Remember the photo consent form!
Tomorrow = final day

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