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Good morning 
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Good morning 

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Taaldorp - Role play

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Goals - Role play

I can ask for tourist information
I can ask for directions in London
I can give directions in London
I can look up digital sources to find places in London.  

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Tourist - Why this role play
You may one day want to ..

  • visit England
  • know how to ask questions
  • give directions

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Asking for and giving directions 
Short conversation in pairs. 2 minutes.
One of you is a tourist and the other is a local.
Explain to the tourist how to get from X to the Museum of London (see Map) 
Switch roles. 

Street - Str.
Right -> 
Left  <- 
Ahead ^  

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X ->Museum of London
Right -> 
Left  <- 
Ahead ^

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London Tourist Map
  1. Choose an attraction on the paper map
  2. Search on  Google MAPS - write on your worksheet:
  • what is it? (a museum, a library ..)  and price / ticket    
   3.  Look on google maps for a cafe or restaurant close by. Write on your worksheet.

5 minutes. 
Finished? Write down some food options from the cafe or restaurant. 

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Role play: Tourist & Local
  • Read role play. 1 minute. 
  • Questions?
  • Be polite. British people are very polite. 
  • Nobody is going to help you if you are rude. 
  • Mark the route to the place. 
  • Questions? 
  • 4 minutes.
  • Finished? Then swap. 


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What was difficult?

Slide 9 - Poll

What was easy?

Slide 10 - Poll

If you ever went to London - are you better prepared to ask for information?

Slide 11 - Poll

You practiced asking and giving information in London. 
You practiced speaking English.
Well done everyone!

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