September 9th

September 9th
- SO bridging the GAP

HAVE FUN p. 14
E GRAMMAR: Short yes/ no questions 
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September 9th
- SO bridging the GAP

HAVE FUN p. 14
E GRAMMAR: Short yes/ no questions 

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Nulmeting test
- Feedback
- Questions

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AIM from yesterday
After this lesson you should be able to ask yes/no - questions.

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FCE listening
Listening exercises fall into 4 different parts when it comes to listening at  FCE level.  In your Objective First book these 4 different types of exercises will be used. In short, they are:
- multiple choice
- sentence completion
- multiple matching
The exercises mostly involve: discussions, conversations, monologues, interviews, documentaries, radio broadcasts, news, and anecdotes.

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Part 1
Part 1 is always about multiple choice questions. You listen for either details or a more general idea.
There are 8 separate extracts which you will hear, mostly with 1 or 3 people speaking for about 30 seconds.
There is 1 question per extract.
Each extract will be repeated, so you can skip questions that you find difficult. You can do them the second time you hear them.

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Part 2
There will be 10 gapped sentences where you must fill in the missing word/phrase. Fill in exactly what you hear. You must fill in one and occasionally 2 words.
There is only one speaker you will hear and one extract.
You are tested on your ability to listen for specific information.
Often from a broadcast, talk/speech or presentation.
The questions are chronological and follow the extract.
The extract will be repeated.

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Part 3
About 8 minutes long
5 different speakers about the same topic
Match the speaker to 1 of 8 sentences (often A-H). There will be 3 sentences you don't need.
All 5 speakers will speak, and then the extracts are repeated.

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Part 4
An interview between 2 speakers.
There will be 7 multiple choice questions
options are A, B or C. It's about 3-4 minutes long. There is no indication when you have to answer a question; the interview goes on without interruptions.
the extact will be repeated.

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FCE listening

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