Week 2 H4D Herhalingsweek leesvaardigheid

Get out your laptop
Put away your phone
Put your bag on the floor
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In deze les zitten 14 slides, met interactieve quiz en tekstslides.

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Get out your laptop
Put away your phone
Put your bag on the floor

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today's plan
1 At the end of this class, you will be able to understand what went well/wrong on the SO. 

2 At the end of this class, you will have continued practicing with exam texts and the strategies. 

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PTO 2: What's that?
  • Woordenschat & examenvaardigheden test: Follow Up 17-32 (EN-NL) + linking words handout. Make sure to practice in Quizlet for this test!! 
  • Reading and writing test: 4 reading texts and a writing exercise. You are allowed to use 3 dictionaries: NL-NL, EN-NL, NL-EN. You will need to write an email 200-250 words. The assignment instructions are in Dutch. 

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Which reading strategies exist and how do you use them?

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"Vorm" van de vraag:

Open questions
(citation questions)

Multiple choice questions
(gap-fill questions)

True/False questions

"Doel" van de vraag:

1. Main idea of the paragraph
2. Finding specific information
3. Function or tone of a text
    or paragraph
4. Gap-fill (bit of everything / 
   signal words / dictionary 

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1. Main idea of the paragraph:

Slide 6 - Tekstslide

2. Finding specific information:

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3. Function or Tone:
- Function:

- Tone:

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4. Gap-fill questions:
- Signal words

- Dictionary questions / 
   tone (positive/negative)

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- Answers to multiple choice questions are in alphabetical order... so do not try to discover any logic in the sequence!

- You will need a dictionary! Some questions are made extra 
  difficult to force you to look up words. 

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Top 3 tips:
1. Read everything, and base your answer on what's in the text!)
2. Underline, Highlight,  cross out,  etc. to indicate what to 
    look for or to find specific information
3. Approach multiple choice questions as if they are open 
   questions. Come up with your own answer first and then 
   choose the one that best fits it. 

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Common mistakes 
  • Which of the following is true according to paragraph 5 & 6?  Student answers with  something that is mentioned in paragraph 4. 
  • Open questions = Dutch, do not answer in English!! Citation questions = English as you need to cite from the text. See question 23 & 24 tekst 9 

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Common mistakes 
  • Tekst 6: Question 10 As a result was frequently answered which is incorrect. -> Greenpeace is serious in urging Australians to eat their national emblem. What is this emblem?

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Let's continue practicing!
Make exam texts 6-9 for Thursday's class!
Remember the tips: 
- What is the goal? This will tell you which strategy you need to use. 
Use a dictionary if needed. 
- Cross out the wrong multiple choice answers. 
Prefer writing practice? -> I have an exercise for you. 

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