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Of Mice and Men
Background, characters, synopsis
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Of Mice and Men
Background, characters, synopsis

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John Steinbeck
He spent his summer vacations working on local ranches. 

People he met during those summers greatly influenced the
characters he created throughout his career. 

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Salinas Valley

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'Write what you know' - what would you write about?

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Characters I
  • Lennie Small: a nondescript, hulking creature of a man whose childlike mentality continually gets him into scrapes with men who neither respect nor understand him.
  • George Milton: a small, lean man, used to fighting for his place in the world. He oversees and protects Lennie.

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Characters II
  • Slim: a tall skinner (a highly skilled mule-driver) that serves as a counsellor to the ranch hands.
  • Candy: The one-handed ranch worker who has lived past his prime.
  • Curley: the boss’ son, he possesses a jealous, cruel streak
  • Curley’s wife: never named, she is not respected by the men on the ranch.
  • Crooks: the African-American stable buck is called Crooks because of a spinal injury inflicted by a kicking horse.

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What makes an interesting character?

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  • Depression-era California
  • George & Lennie's friendship, in contrast to the isolation of their peers.
  • The way dreams can either sustain or discourage people.
  • racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.
  • Lonely people seeking happiness

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Chapter one
  • The questions lead you through the text
  • Unless otherwise directed, you should answer in full sentences.

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What have you learned?

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Homework for wednesday

Read chapter 1 and answer the questions 

Put the answers in your PowerPoint in Teams

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