Speaking assignment Prep 3V

Speaking assignment Prep 3V
- Speaking assignment prep
- Steps and instructions
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Speaking assignment Prep 3V
- Speaking assignment prep
- Steps and instructions

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Choose the topic!
- Choose a topic together with your pair!

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Step 1: Shared docs
Create a shared docs file with your pair!
- In the docs you will be posting and sharing:
links of the articles, pictures, quotes, statistics, overview of your presentation etc. 

This document will be the base of the ESSAY and the PRESENTATION 

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Step 2:
Look at your topic!

1. INTRO to the topic:
- Why is this topic a topic of discussion in our society?
- What is your opinion on it now? - good / bad?
Write in your shared docs min. 4 sentences answering these 2 questions 

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Step 3: FOR and AGAINST
1. Find info about
2. Come up and find pros and cons - at least 5!!
3. The FOR and AGAINST arguments cannot be YOUR OPINION - they have to be backed up with an article, a source, an expert
- Make sure your sources are RELIABLE (no fake news!)
4. Find those articles online, find the quotes, save the source for the presentation (shared doc!)

useful sites:
- bbc.co.uk
- guardian.co.uk
- edition.cnn.com

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Step 4:  Write an essay
- Read How to write an opinion article and Persuasive language to remind you how to write a good opinion article (BLINK)
- Write your opinion article (550-700 words)
Make sure your essay contains:
- a claim and your position;
- 4-6 arguments to support your claim (with quotes/statistics from the articles)
- 2 counterarguments which you disprove (with quotes/statistics from the articles)
- a call to action or a solution
- Your essay needs to include: IF sentences, modals verbs, future tenses and reported speech.

HAND IN on paper!!

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Step 5: Create a presentation
- Follow the steps on the print out!
- Use your sources, arguments from the essay
- analyse and reflect upon your stance, present the arguments
- include screenshots of the articles you found
- Add the flyer - talk about the flyer
- Conclusion - discuss the conclusion questions

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Step 6: Demonstration flyer
1. Get a colored sheet of paper and create a demonstration flyer based on your topic and your belief (ask your teacher for the colored sheets)
2. Create your demonstration flyer (and be creative! use colors, sketches, photos - I might be able to print some things out for you...)
3. Think of a hashtag you and other demonstrators could use

In your presentation YOU:
- show your demonstration flyer
- present what it says and explain why
- present the hashtag and explain why

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TIP: Can you think of a possible solution for this social discussion?? Mention that as well. 

Conclude your presentation with explaining how you worked as a team and what new things you have learned during the research. 
At the end ask the class to vote and choose the side!

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Checklist: Are all the questions answered?
in pairs you do not have to agree!!
- write a statement about your topic. 
For example: 
Phones should be banned in schools!
Then you present your opinions on it (see next slide!)

At the end of the presentation you talk about: 
- What was your opinion from the start?
- Which articles did you read, what did you read about?
- Which articles convinced you to choose for that particular side?
- Did your opinion change throughout the research? 
If yes, what made you change your mind; 
if not? which sources even more deeply confirmed your initial opinion on it?
- Talk about how you and your pair came to the conclusion together? Were you on the same page or were your opinions different? Did one persuade the other? 
Talk about it, give examples...
-What is a possible solution for a particular issue

+ Ask the class to vote on the hot topic in the end!

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