the passive

The cat bites the man.
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The cat bites the man.

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What is the subject in this sentence?
The lion bit the man.
The lion bit the man.

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What is the object in this sentence?
(Leidend voorwerp)
The lion bit the man.

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What makes a sentence passive?
The combination of 'to be' + past participle (volt. dlw) makes a sentence passive
The student is taught (by the teacher).
The man was bitten (by the dog).

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How to recognize a passive sentence...
- check if there is a form of 'to be' used (am, are, is, was, were, been)
- is it followed by a participle (voltooid deelwoord)?
- is it followed by 'by + noun or pronoun? If not, can it be followed by 'by zombies'?
Are all answers 'yes'? Congratulations, you have a passive sentence.

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Book p70
Make ex. 2 and 4

use ex. 3 to check whether you understood everything

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Mr. Dessens has bought new shoes.
The student was hit by Mr. Dessens.
I was walking in the forest for hours.
The teacher was fired the other day.
Are you being discriminated against?
Have you ever stolen anything?

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- Quizlet  (classroom)
- past simple/continuous LINK
- past simple/ present perfect LINK
- past perfect LINK
- passive (links in this LessonUp)

- read your book

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