Christmas Lesson Methodology

It's Christmas Time!
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It's Christmas Time!

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What are we doing today?

What do you know about Santa's Workshop?

Start to write a job application for Santa's Workshop

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Learning goal
You will know how to write a job application letter.
You can write a letter to someone.

You will learn more about a formal format when sending a letter
You know how to write a job application

Learning goals 

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Work in groups of 4 
Find all of the words hidden in the word search on the handout
Vocabulary Game

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What would you apply for?

Discuss with your group on what job you would apply and why


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What can you do at Santa's workshop,
besides the previously given answers?

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Answer Questions
Answer the questions about the job on your handout


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Formal letter
How to write a formal letter?

Formal letter
Previous knowledge


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A letter to Santa
Look at the vacancy. Choose a job you want to apply for.

Use the handout & previous instructions as a guide to writing your letter.

Draft your letter or e-mail, next lesson we will continue with it.


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What did we do today?

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Exit ticket

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