Demon Lover

Demon Lover
By: Stan, Merel and Simon
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Demon Lover
By: Stan, Merel and Simon

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What is this lesson about?

  • What is a short story?​
  • Character​
  • Plot​
  • Setting ​
  • Mood​
  • Theme​
  • Narrator​

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What is a short story?
  • 15.000 words
  • Unity
  • Concise 

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  • Kathleen  Drover
  • Ex-lover
  • Cab driver
  • Caretaker

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How can you define the protagonist as a person?

Slide 6 - Open vraag

  •  Letter
  • Taxi 
  • Old lover

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What is "The Blitz"?

Slide 8 - Open vraag

  • London 1940
  • Old Neighborhood
  • Family Home
  • Cab 

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What made Kathleen panic in the taxi?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

  • Depressed
  • Opening letter
  • Chaos
  • Nervous 

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How does Mrs. Drover control her fear?
She turns it into anger.
She gives herself a peptalk.
She focuses on practical activities.
She refuses to acknowledge it.

Slide 12 - Quizvraag

  • One theme
  • Suspense/war
  • Lesson
  • Other themes 

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  • Third person
  • Switch
  • Use of time
  • Glow-ups/breakdowns 

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How can the narration in this story be described?

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Study questions
  1. Identify two possible interpretations to the story. What effect does the ending have on you as a reader?
  2. Review the description of the story's setting in the beginning. What mood, or atmoshpere does this passage establish?
  3. Identify two examples of foreshadowing in the story. In what ways to they hint at important events presented later in the story?
  4. Reread the flashback on page 81. Would the story be as powerful if the events had been told in chronological order without the use of flashback? Explain your thoughts.
  5. How does the war setting make ‘The Demon Lover’ more believable?
  6. How does the author describe Mrs. Drover’s house at the beginning of the story?7.What are some examples of imagery in the story?

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Study questions
7. What are some examples of imagery in the story?
8.How does the image of Mrs. Drover in the mirror compare to the way she feels?

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Did you learn anything this lesson?

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Thank you all for listening!

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