Lesson 1 - Unit 2 - Drinking Water

Unit 2 - Water everywhere
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Unit 2 - Water everywhere

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

- Notebook instructions
- Notes 
- Homework

- Know how much water on Earth is drinkable
- Understand why not alle water on Earth can be used

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How to:  notebook
1.  Keep your book and notebook during class with you
2. When I say, take a note / copy this.... write it in your notebook.

3. Don't forget to write a title for each note or the date 

4. Back at school: Grade for notebook - show everything you did during working at home. 

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Take a new page
Write down the word 'water' in your notebook

Come up with at least 12 different words about water.

In the next slide you will have to fill in some words in Lesson up

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What do you already know about water?

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Water is not always available on Earth because:
-it is stuck in glaciers
-it is stuck underground
-it is salt water

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North Pole, South Pole, High up in the mountains, where rivers start

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Name 1 reason why there is more demand for water on Earth.

Slide 12 - Open vraag

2 important reasons 
why the demand for 
water on Earth increases!


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How much water do you use at home?
too much, i know
i do not use a lot at home

Slide 14 - Poll

Which two statements are true?
We get most of our drinking water from lakes/rivers
We can always get water from underground locations.
70% of the Earth's water consists of fresh water
If water is stuck in glaciers, it is difficult to get to.

Slide 15 - Quizvraag

1. Make a front cover for unit 2 - water everywhere including 5 facts about water and drawing/picture

2. Do:  Make a list (ranking the stars TOP 5) of your water use at your house.  

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