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4 Mavo
Week 47 lesson 3
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4 Mavo
Week 47 lesson 3

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Verschil present perfect en past simple
  • Bij de past simple is de actie in het verleden nu afgelopen.
  • Bij de present perfect is de actie nog bezig of is er nog een link met het verleden.

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I lived in Almelo
I have lived in Almelo
Present Perfect
Past Simple

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Which sentence means :
I still live in Almelo?
I lived in Almelo.
I have lived in Almelo.

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What do you use your
smartphone for?

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"Think of all the posibilities OFF your phone." What would you do with the extra time you have?

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Journal entry #3
• “You have more opportunity and time to create when you have less.” 
• “Think of all the possibilities OFF your phone, instead of ON your phone.”

Describe a day out of your life without smartphone (tablet, laptop, computer, TV).

Paragraph 1: Explain how important your smartphone is for you. What do you normally use it for? Why is it an essential part of your life?

Paragraph 2: Imagine a day without your smartphone. What would be different? How would it affect your life (positive or negative)? Give some examples.

Paragraph 3: Look at the quotes from the TedTalk again. Think of all the possibilities OFF your phone: what to do with all the extra time? How would you put it to good use?

Write at least 350 words.

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