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Which sport is played at Roland Garros?
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Which sport is played at Roland Garros?

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Which sport is played during "The Six Nations"?

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What sport does Tiger Woods play?

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What sport is this?

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How many tournaments have you won if you have won the "Grand Slam" in tennis?

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Can you name all the "Grand Slam" tournaments in tennis?

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How many times has Brazil won the men's World cup in Football

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How many times has the USA won the women's world cup in football?

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What sport is this?

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Which sport is played in the NBA?

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What game is this?

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PERIOD 3 LESSON 3 ( 1 - 5 March)
  • Look back at first two lessons
  • Portfolio assignments 1-6
  • Portfolio assignment 7 
  • Today

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Look back at lesson 1 & 2 period 3
  • Start using lessonUp more
  • Portfolio assignment 1 - 6 reopened (till week before end of period)
  • Portfolio assignment 7 (elevator pitch)

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Portfolio assignment 8 - (sport) documentary summary
Pick & mix exercises 3a irregular verbs ,
                                             3 b some or any
                                             3 c trappen van vergelijking

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Portfolio assignment 8
You are going to watch a sport documentary of your choice at home. You are going to answer the questions below.

Hand in the questions and answers under portfolio assignment 8 on teams. If you have any trouble finding a documentary ask your teacher for help.

Read the questions before you are going to watch the programme. Make sure you take notes while watching, so you can answer the following questions.

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Portfolio assignment 8
1. Give a short summary of the programmme, including the date or time you watched it at home, the subject of the program and its basic theme.
2. Identify what matters in the program such as important characters, places, events, or aspects of people, society, or nature. Describe and explain the importance of all your points.

3. List two facts described in the program that most impressed you and explain why it impressed you

4. Explain two aspects of the program that showed you something that you hadn’t seen before, caused you to think in a new way, or helped you understand something better. Was anything that you saw in the program unconvincing or seemed out of place?

5. If someone asked you whether or not you recommended this program, how would you respond? Fully explain your reasons.

6. If the producer of this program came to you and asked how it could be improved, what would you tell them? Explain fully.

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Do not forget!
  1. Finish Portfolio assignment 7 (elevator pitch) 
  2. Keep up with the Pick & Mix grammar/ vocabulary on Lessonup
  3. Finish all the portfolio assignments 1-8. (1-6 are open till 26 March)
  4. If you have not yet done them, do the reading and listening tests on

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