Black Lives Matter

What comes to mind when you hear Black Lives Matter?
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What comes to mind when you hear Black Lives Matter?

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Aims                                          Objectives
- Students know how to recognize racism in our society.
- Students know what the Black Lives Matter movement is about?
- Students can describe racism in our society.
- Students can recognize examples of (subtle) racisme in our soviety.
- Students can give examples of (subtle) racisme in our society.
Goals of the lesson

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Definition of racism
Racism is the situation when groups of humans are inequal because of their race. 

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Basic info
What is the BLM movement?

What does the movement want?

Where did the movement came from?

How do they hope to achive what they want?
What is the movement about?

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The most common form of racism you will see in our current society is:
Less about laws
Harder to recognize and to proof
Institutional racism 
Racism today

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Discrimination in the Netherlands

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Step forward if:

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What does the BLM movement have in common with the civil rights movement

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Give an example of modern day racism

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(Now with you're newfound imformation) What is the BLM movement about?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

How did George zimmerman influence the BLM movement
The BLM movement earned it's name
George Zimmerman helped the BLM with the marches
The BLM movement achieved worldwide recognition

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