T2- 7.4: India Natural disasters

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Today's work
Review unit 7.3
Discuss unit 7.4
Answer Q. 1, 6 and 9 from unit 7.4

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Q. 8b (unit 7.3): Why does the wind blow from the South to the tropical low? What is this wind called?

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In which countries is the delta of the Ganges and the Brahmaputra located?
India and Pakistan
Bangladesh and India
Nepal and India
India and Thailand

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Q6a: Which 2 natural factors cause floods in india? (think: where does the water come from?)

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6b: When do most floods happen? During the winter or the summer? Explain

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Soil erosion is caused by water and wind.
Deforestation makes soil erosion worse

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Deforestation: Ontbossing.

Cutting away the trees 
on a large scale and not 
planting them back

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What is the consequence of deforestation

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Q. 6c: Why does soil erosion increase the risk of flooding?

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What kind of soil erosion would often happen in the Himalaya's?
Soil erosion by wind
Soil erosion by water

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Q. 9
a. There are two types of soil erosion: erosion by wind and erosion bij water
b. In the Himalaya's most soil erosion happens because of the water flow, taking away the soil.
c. What can you do about it? --> page 80-81 of your geoguide

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That was it on India!
Decide for yourself if you understood everything. 

To the right, you see the topics from this lesson. Are you ready for the test or do you still need help?
I really don't understand this
I still find this very difficult
I'm starting to get it!
I think I understand!
I am ready to do the test now
Why is water both an enemy and a friend to india
Where the catchment area and delta's of the two big rivers in India are located.
How the monsoon works
Where we can find the different regions of relief in India
What soil erosion and deforestation are

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Extra explanation GEO
This afternoon, 14.30 o'clock on teams

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