Rules of the Game
Ties Paaijmans, Julian Moek & Luc van Hunnik
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Rules of the Game
Ties Paaijmans, Julian Moek & Luc van Hunnik

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Simplified summary

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1. What useful information did MeiMei's mother teach her when she was six years old? How did she learn it?

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2. When does MeiMei first become interested in chess? Through what means does she learn to play the game?

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3. As a first-generation Chinese immigrant, what challenges does the mother face? Explain her attitude toward ''American Rules''

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4. What conflict arises then the mother and daughter go shopping?

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5. Explain how MeiMei applies her mother's strategy to ''winning arguments, respect for others and ..... chess games''.

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6. How does MeiMei trick her mother into letting her play in her first chess tournament?

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7. How does the mother feel about her daughter's success? How can you tell?

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8. Do you think the mother is justified in being angry? Is MeiMei? Support your opinion with examples from the story.

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9. How is MeiMei's relationship with her mother like a game chess?

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1. What is the role of strategy in the story?
Strategy doesn't play a significant role.
Strategy is only applicable to chess, not to MeiMei's life.
Strategy is crucial for MeiMei in both chess and her daily life.
Strategy is only applicable to MeiMei's life, not to chess.

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2. What does the title "Rules of the Game" mean in the story?

It doesn't have a special meaning.
It refers to the importance of rules in MeiMei's life.
It is solely about following rules in chess, without broader significance.
It refers to the importance of rules in MeiMei's life, both within and outside the game of chess.

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3. How does the relationship between MeiMei and her mother change throughout the story?
Their relationship remains the same, with no changes.
Their relationship deteriorates as the story progresses.
Their relationship grows in appreciation and understanding.
Their relationship becomes more complicated and ultimately unsolvable.

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4. What does the chess game symbolize for MeiMei's experiences as an immigrant daughter?
It symbolizes the complexity of her life and the necessity of strategy.
It symbolizes her dislike of strategic thinking.
It symbolizes her isolation and loneliness.
It symbolizes her friendship with her brother.

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Question 5: What conflict is addressed in the story and how is it resolved?
There is no conflict in the story.
The conflict is about MeiMei's relationship with her father.
The conflict is resolved by avoiding chess altogether.
The conflict is about MeiMei's struggle with cultural expectations and is resolved by

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