Rules of the Game - Amy Tan

What useful information did MeiMei's mother teach her when she was six years old? How did she learn it?
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What useful information did MeiMei's mother teach her when she was six years old? How did she learn it?

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When does MeiMei first become interested in chess? Through what means does she learn to play the game?

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As a first-generation Chinese immigrant, what challenges does the mother face? Explain her attitude toward ''American rules''

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What special treatment does MeiMei recieve in her home?

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What conflict arises then the mother and daughter go shopping?

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Explain How MeiMei applies her mother's strategy to ''winning arguments, respect for others and ....chess games''.

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In your opinion, why does the narrator enjoy chess so much? Support your answer with evidence from the story.

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How does MeiMei trick her mother into letting her play in her first chess tournament?

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How does the mother feel about her daughter's succes? How can you tell?

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What are MeiMei and her mother really arguing about when they are shopping?

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Do you think the mother is justified in being angry? Is MeiMei? Support your opinion with examples from the story.

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How is MeiMei's relationship with her mother like a game of chess?

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Why is it important that ''Rules of the Game'' is set in Chinatown

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What does Waverly's mother mean when she tells Waverly to ''win more, lose less''?

Slide 15 - Open question

Chess becomes a metaphor for life in ''Rules of the Game'', explain why.

Slide 16 - Open question

Why does Waverly stop playing chess with her brothers?

Slide 17 - Open question

How does Waverley’s mom try to influence her children’s lives?
she plays chess with them.
she cooks american food for them.
She shares her Chinese values with them.
She teaches them about American culture.

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