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English Feb 1st
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English Feb 1st

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Unit 7: Specifications, buildings and bridges

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Goals: By the end of this lesson you will:
*Be able to name and recognize the dimensions, qualities and materials​ of buildings.
*Be able to discuss buildings with a partner
*Be able to name and recognize the parts of a bridge.

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Researching a building
*Form pairs, each partner will pick of of the buildings from the list.
*Then, individually, do online research about the building and fill out the form.
*After you have looked up all the informantion, explain your findings to your partner. 
*Afterwards, you will be asked to share what your partner told you about their building.

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The buildings
*Taipei 101
*Empire State building 
*Turning Torso
*The Shard
*Space Needle
*Burj Al Arab
*Willis Tower
*Shanghai Tower


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Step 1: Form a pair
 Pick a building each:
*Taipei 101
*Empire State building
*Turning Torso
*The Shard
*Space Needle
*Burj Al Arab
*Willis Tower
*Shanghai Tower

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Step 2: Do your research
Individually, look up information about the building using the building checklist provided by your teacher.

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Step 3: Share with your partner
Now that you have found all the information about your building, tell your partner about the building. Your are not allowed to show your partner your checklist.
After you have shared about your building, your partner will tell you all about theirs.

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Step 4: Share with the group
Now that you have learned a lot from your partner, you will be asked to share what your partner has told you with the group.

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TE unit 7 page 34
15 minutes
Done? continue on page 36

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Pier: Steunpilaar

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Pylon: Pyloon
 Supports the cables, suspenders and the bridge deck of a suspension bridge.

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What do you call: concrete in which metal bars or wire is embedded to increase its strength

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This building is 20....high

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how high are the...on that bridge?

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Write down a sentence or word that you remember from this lesson, I will use this word in next week's quiz!

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What did we do today?
*You learned new vocabulary relating to buildings and bridges.
*You learned how to describe and discuss a building.

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Next week:
playing our quiz
TE chapter 8 reporting

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